March 17

Does My Child Need Braces – Video

Does My Child Need Braces?  Signs your child might need braces (and orthodontic treatment) include:

  • Open bite, crossbite, overbite
  • Finger / Thumb Sucking
  • Severe crowding
  • Mouth Breathing
  • Early / Late Loss of Baby Teeth or Missing Teeth
  • Jaws Out of Proportion
  • Jaw Noises (Popping) or Shifting

Dr. Garvey likes to see children at age 7, an age that’s recommended for a first orthodontic visit to detect abnormalities as early as possible.  Why start at age 7?

That is the age that the American Association of Orthodontists recommend for your child’s first orthodontic check-up. At age 7 these things happen in your child’s mouth:

  • The first molars and incisors have begun to erupt

Because the molars and incisors have started coming in, we can see potential problem areas that benefit from early treatment.



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