November 12

Make Smart Food Choices While Wearing Braces

Dr. Michael Garvey is an orthodontist, a specialist in braces/Invisalign, and here are some tips on what not to eat while wearing braces.

Making smart food choices can help you to maintain healthier teeth and reduce the amount of time you are wearing your braces.

Hard or chewy foods can damage wires and cause delays in your orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Garvey suggests avoiding all of these foods: popcorn, nuts, ice, hard candy or chips, candied apples, corn on the cob, chewing gum, and caramels and other sticky candy.

Dr. Michael Garvey suggests avoiding these foods while in orthodontic treatment.

Be very careful when you eat carrots, apples, pizza crust or hard bread. It is best to cut these foods into small pieces. Drinks with sugar in them can cause lasting damage to your teeth.  Rinse after drinking sugary beverages.

Curb those bad habits! Try not to bite your lips or push your tongue against your braces. Don’t chew on pencils or pens, or bite your nails.

What to do…
-If any of your wires pop loose and you are uncomfortable: cover the wire with wax or wet cotton and call us right away.
-If any pieces of your braces fall off: save them and bring them to our office.
-If you have any discomfort: rinse your mouth with warm water. If that does not help: call our office.

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