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Opalescence Tooth Whitening Systems

Opalescence Tooth Whitening System is preferred by Garvey Team Orthodontics. Custom made whitening trays are offered in our office for a cost of $150.  Call today for an appointment:  636-441-2777

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Whiter Teeth

Everyone wants whiter teeth. most people are getting them. And, why not? Your smile is the first thing others notice about you and like it, or not, it says more about you than any other physical feature.

So, it’s more important to keep it looking bright…right?

But with so many alternatives available for a whiter smile, where do you begin looking for the option that’s right for you?

Opalescence Tooth Whitening Systems

Well, if you’re looking for the longest lasting, highest strength whitening systems available, start by asking Dr. Michael Garvey about our Opalescence line of products. Not only have Opalescence products been proven to safely and effectively whiten your teeth, they have also been proven to aid in the prevention of cavities and improve the overall health of your enamel.

In fact, Opalescence is so powerful and available, it is only available through your local dentist and orthodontist. Dr. Michael Garvey is a known supplier of Opalescence products.

Whiten Your Smile

If you’re like the rest of us, you have most likely adopted habits that don’t exactly lend to white teeth. Coffee? Soda? Red wine? Chances are you’ve tried some version of grocery store whitening. Perhaps a whitening toothpaste. Maybe some whitening gum. You might have tried some sort of paint-on or “strip type” product. They might have worked OK, but you want more.

It is time for you to experience the difference of a professional white.


Whitening your teeth, under the supervision of your dentist, has been proven safe in clinical studies over a period of many years. The primary ingredients in Opalescence is carbamide peroxide, which has been safely used to brighten the smiles of millions of people worldwide.


Results are often seen after one night. Optimum natural whiteness usually occurs when the process is continued for a week to 10 days. Dr. Michael Garvey will go over what you can expect for your individual situation.


Our staff will take impressions of your teeth that will allow for custom trays to be made for your bleaching procedure. the Opalescence gel is placed in thin, comfortable trays and fitted over your teeth. As you whiten your teeth, carbamide peroxide is broken down and oxygen enters the enamel and dentin. This bleaches out the discolored areas. The structure of the tooth is not changed. The color of the tooth is simply made lighter.

And Keep It White

After you have the white smile you’ve long desired, it’s important to keep it that way. Practice good oral hygiene and always remember to brush after consuming staining food or beverages. Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste is a wonderfu product for maintaining your bright smile. It not only whitens, it offers a higher fluoride uptake than any grocery store tootpaste. It is available through your dentist or orthodontist, Dr. Michael Garvey, or by calling 800.552.5512.

Dr. Michael Garvey carries Opalescence products, you can call to order your now at 636-441-2777,


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