August 28

Smiles for All Ages

Garvey Team Orthodontics creates beautiful smiles with the latest technology in a warm, friendly and caring environment.

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Your First Visit

We are always excited about meeting new patients.  This important free consultation visit will consist of a thorough orthodontic examination, a discussion of potential treatment options, details on the treatment fee and our flexible payment arrangements.  Dr. Michael Garvey will make sure that your visit is productive and that no questions go unanswered.


Age 7 and up can often achieve significant benefit from interceptive treatment during their active growth phase, especially when jaw irregularities, crossbites, underbites, and harmful habits are present.  Comprehensive treatment is generally begun before all permanent teeth are in place usually at ages 10 or 11.  This allows Dr. Garvey to guide the teeth into the most ideal position and greatly reduces the need for extractions.


As treatment has become more comfortable and less noticeable, adults are now seeking treatment more than ever before.  Dr. Garvey will listen to your concerns and design a treatment plan that will allow you to have the smile you always wanted.


We can create a beautiful smile through a series of clear, thin, plastic “aligners” customized by Dr. Garvey’s expertise with breakthrough 3-D computer technology.

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Learn more about Dr. Garvey at  Meet our talented staff, request a complimentary appointment, learn all the details about your first appointment, receive a map and directions to our office, take a look at our patient gallery with before and after photos, see the variety of dental problems we treat, get answers to frequently asked questions, read testimonials from our satisfied patients.  Your beautiful new smile is just a phone call away:  636-441-2777


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