April 16

St. Charles MO Orthodontic Testimonial

Here’s a note Garvey Team Orthodontics received last week from a satisfied St. Charles orthodontic patient.  Thought I would share it.

“Dear Dr. Garvey, Lisa, and Mary –

I wanted to send you all a heartfelt thank you for helping my daughter, Jordan, last week when she experienced her jaw locking.  I wasn’t sure if calling your office first would be the right decision at the time, but after all the time, care and emotional support given by all of you, we left your office with no doubt that we made the right decision in calling you first.  Your staff has impressed us since Jordan first became a braces patient but what you all did for her last week was above and beyond wonderful service.  It took truly compassionate people to spend the time with Jordan that you did and we will forever be grateful to you all.  Thank you again for making such a difference in our lives.  Sincerely, Angie in O’Fallon, MO”

Another thank you note stated:  “Thank you so much for my braces.  My teeth are beautiful and you are awesome!  Love, JoAnn of St. Charles, MO”

Another note from patient to his parents after braces were removed:  “Mom and Dad, thank you for giving me a great smile.  I was thinking that now I should give up sweets, but then I realize NO!  Thanks anyway, Love Kevin of St. Peters, MO”


Wow, we do try to provide the best orthodontic service🙂

Lisa Garvey 🙂


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