Aligners or Invisalign®

Brown + Co orthodontics specializes also in aligner or Invisalign treatment for patients of all ages. Brown + Co orthodontics has the technology to 3D Print their own aligners to save costs over traditional Invisalign lab fees in mild to moderate cases. Dr. Brown also is an expert at treating malocclusions of all types with aligners. This has been a favorite treatment type for adults, but now more and more teens are using it as well in our office.

Aligners are a series of clear plastic trays that are changed every one or two weeks by patients. The clear plastic trays are custom designed by Dr. Brown to have small adjustments in them that move teeth in the desired fashion. They are great because they eliminate many emergency-type appointments, allow patients to brush and floss easily, and are very aesthetic. Most of your friends and family won’t know you have them on!

Aligners do require great compliance (you have to wear them) of 22 hours per day, every day. They require tooth-colored attachments to be placed on the teeth for the best tooth movement and sometimes we polish between the teeth to create space. Many patients enjoy this modality of treatment from a few months of retreatment (for adults that didn’t wear their retainers) to complex surgical orthodontic cases. Contact B+Co for a complimentary exam to see if aligners are right for you!

Invisalign® for Teen and Sports Videos

Invisalign for Teen and Performing Videos

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