Q: Is the first visit free?

A: Yes! At Garvey Team Orthodontics, your initial consultation is FREE and so is the panoramic x-ray. Your initial consultation begins with a history and thorough examination allowing Dr. Brown to make a diagnosis and treatment plan. Dr. Brown tailors each patient’s treatment plan according to his or her needs. He takes the time to educate and consult with you any concerns or questions you may have about your overall dental health. Our staff will then review the treatment plan, cost, and discuss our flexible payment plans.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Braces are more affordable than ever. Costs cannot be determined until Dr. Brown has an opportunity to see how involved the treatment will be. Dr. Brown will quote a total fee, which includes all aspects of the treatment including records, braces, adjustments, positioner, retainers, and all follow-up visits. There are no hidden costs, and no retainer adjustment costs. Like any other aspect of dental care, orthodontic treatment is not so much an expense, but an investment in a healthy and beautiful smile. In most cases dental insurance coverage covers a portion of orthodontic treatment.

Q: Do you take my insurance? How do I pay?

A: We accept most types of insurance and will submit all claims and we work with employer cafeteria and flex plans.  We offer interest free affordable payment options to work with family budgets.  All payment plans stay in-house and spread over a 6-18 month time frame.  Care Credit is also available (no interest financing). 

Q: Will it hurt?

A: That is the most common question. Do not rely upon others who you may talk to about their experiences, especially if the treatment was done years ago. Treat yourself or your child to an innovative orthodontist who uses interceptive and functional appliances. Dr. Brown doesn’t like to extract healthy teeth or use headgear, but prefers to use the smallest, most comfortable braces for as short a time as possible. Dr. Brown uses interceptive functional and expansion appliances at age 7-8, often greatly reducing the child’s brace time in their next phase or eliminating the need for braces. Placing the appliances does not hurt and no injections are ever needed. After the braces are applied, some patients do not feel any pain, others may have difficulty eating for a few days. Dr. Brown uses the smallest-sized wires with the newest wire technology and greatest span between the braces. This is not only very gentle but also more physiologic and healthy. In addition, the teeth also move much faster.

Q: Why should I choose your office?

A: Dr. Brown stresses the importance of a team in which the patient has an important role. Visits will be fun and enjoyable, with the help of our friendly, caring, and gentle staff. Our Mission is to create a healthy smile to last a lifetime in a fun, painless, and high-tech environment! From the first phone call to your first visit with the staff and Dr. Brown , you will be impressed with a truly caring team of professionals. Dr. Brown has a way of explaining the problem in such a way that it is easily understood. He will talk directly to the patient comforting and addressing his or her concerns. All patients who come into our office are treated as members of our own family. Dr. Brown and his staff take continuing education courses throughout the year which keeps us on the leading edge of technology and techniques. His new office also has a mini-arcade, Play Station 2, plasma screen TVs, a see-through 200-gallon salt water reef tank with a lower sea horse mini-tank. Outside, there is a 27,000-gallon water garden with a waterfall, river, complete with water lilies, bog plants and Koi, which everyone enjoys feeding from the pagoda. The two-story circular brick office is at the new Page entrance to Hwy 94, across from the Schaeffer Park, which can be seen while you are in the dental chair. It is located on the west side of 94 between the Heritage Landing overpass and Jungs Station Road, across from the park, on the north service road.

Q: What about Invisalign?

A: Invisalign is offered by Dr. Brown . It is a series of very esthetic clear trays which move teeth. It is only effective when a person does not have an excessive overbite or underbite. Dr. Brown has developed an in-office series of three clear trays for minor corrections.