Q:  Is the initial orthodontic consultation complementary?

A:  Yes!  Dr. Brown and staff are happy to provide a complementary comprehensive orthodontic examination that includes a 3D CBCT for analysis of your jaw bones and face.  From this information and an initial examination, Dr. Brown can determine treatment plan options that are best for you.  He will take the time to educate you on any  questions you may have about your main concerns and overall dental health. Our staff will then be able to review flexible payment options with you.

Q: Why should I choose Brown + Co Orthodontics?

A:  Dr. Brown uses the latest technology to create the best smiles and occlusions.  Our office utilizes:  3D CBCT x-ray technology, scanning for impressions (no gagging on impressions anymore!), 3D printing for appliances and retainers, all cases are worked up and simulated on the computer for the best outcomes, and much more.  Dr. Brown is a diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontists, a distinction that only about a third of orthodontists have.  Brown + Co Orthodontic’s staff is well trained and eager to assist you in your orthodontic journey!

Q:  How much does orthodontic treatment cost?

A:   Orthodontics fees can vary quite a bit depending on the severity of treatment.  A patient can present with a simple relapse of previous treatment all the way up to a surgical case that Dr. Brown is able to do non-surgical.  What is involved in those plans are quite different in fee along with the time it takes.  The Brown + Co Orthodontics staff will work the treatment fee so that it can fit into your budget.  We also accept pretty much every orthodontics plan that pay a benefit.  The only way we will know what your insurance will pay is if we can run a benefits check.

Q: Do you take my insurance?

A: We accept most types of insurance and will submit all claims for benefits.  The only way we can determine your benefit is by checking your insurance for you.  Please allow our team to do so to give you the most accurate fee for your treatment.

Q: Can aligners / Invisalign be used to treatment my orthodontic case?

A:  Dr. Brown has extensive training and experience in aligners / Invisalign and can treat most types of cases with it.  Sometimes we even get creative with aligners on the top arch and braces on the lower teeth for more complex cases.  Aligners are a series of clear trays that will gradually move your teeth.  Keep in mind, aligners are not totally invisible as attachments or temporary glue is place on teeth so that they can move properly and effectively with these appliances.  Many cases can be treated with Invisalign with Dr. Brown’s treatment techniques.

Q: Will orthodontic treatment be painful?

A:  Typically there is a week or two adjustment period for braces or aligners (Invisalign) as teeth start moving.  The soreness can vary widely amongst individuals but we will give you extensive instructions on how to work through that process.