High Technology Self-Ligation Braces

Self-ligation braces treatment at Brown and Co Orthodontics are expensive, high-technology braces that allow longer periods between having to come to the orthodontic office (even up to 12 weeks). Self-ligating braces work by using a tiny spring-loaded door to maintain pressure on the archwires to keep the system active. This process applies pressure to the system to gently adjust the teeth to the desired position. Because self-ligating braces don’t require adjustments as frequently, the appointments throughout treatment are spaced further apart than with conventional treatment. In many cases actual time during the appointments is also shorter. Also with our techniques, we can have braces completed in under a year and a half in most cases!

Many people who get traditional braces typically had several teeth removed in the process. With the Dr. Brown’s philosophy, self-ligating braces, and broader smile design, this is not typically necessary. Depending on each patient’s face and characteristics, extractions still can be beneficial but it is greatly reduced based on traditional orthodontic standards. With fewer extractions needed in most cases, the end result is often a wider, fuller smile that looks completely natural.