Phase I (Growth) Treatment

Phase I (Growth) Treatment

Phase one treatment, also known as interceptive (or growth) treatment is the first stage of the two-phase pediatric orthodontic treatment.  The first phase treatment involves modifying unfavorable growth (underbites, large overbites, crossbites, asymmetries, etc) and/or assisting eruption of permanent teeth to avoid tooth impactions (teeth that are stuck).  This should be evaluated in all children at age 7 or older, but not all children require this phase of treatment.  This foundation (jaw bones) will set up the next phase of treatment (Phase II) which is tooth alignment and final occlusion.  This early phase I is more important in some patients than phase II because the facial and smile features can be improved in ways that can’t be done later.

Examples of phase I issues:  large overjet, large overbite, underbite, crossbites, open bites, habits (thumb sucking, etc), asymmetric growth patterns, prominent or weak chins, and more.

Phase I Expansion for Posterior Crossbite

Phase I – Underbite Correction

Phase I – Correction of oral habit