Interceptive Treatment

Phase one treatment, also known as interceptive (or growth) treatment is the first stage of the two-phase pediatric orthodontic treatment. First phase treatment involves modifying unfavorable growth (underbites, large overbites, crossbites, asymmetries, etc) and/or assisting eruption of permanent teeth to avoid tooth impactions (teeth that are stuck). A proper foundation is created during phase one which promotes normal jaw, facial and dental development. We can help create beautiful profiles during growth! Early treatment is essential (in some patients) to prevent serious oral health issues in the future. This is why we want to see every child at age 7!

At Brown + Co Orthodontics we want to ensure that your kids have a friendly atmosphere throughout their two-phase orthodontic treatment. Their comfort is our top priority and so we make them feel at home and treat them with special care when they start their phase one treatment and their care continues through phase two as well.

Early braces only on upperteeth

Early Braces - Braces Placed

Early Braces - Finish